Would you hire a medical assistant to perform your surgery?

Why would you hire a roofer to do your solar installation?

Solar planning, installation, connecting and servicing are electrical jobs required to be performed by a licensed electrical contractor in the state of Wyoming.....

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Shouldn't you hire an electrician to do an electrical job? Of course! Per Wyoming regulations solar work has to be performed by a licensed electrical contractor and not a roofer. The electrician plans the job and submits those plans for approval, pulls all the proper permits and is required to perform the work. Montana has different regulations, if the rules are not followed the job risks not passing inspection and will not be allowed to be operational. When you are making the investment to add a comprehensive solar package that suits your needs to your home, business or RV it is imperative that a professional does the job and does it right the first time. We have the experience, the knowledge and the ability to do a top notch job that you can count on and we can be proud of. Email or call us today and ask us about what we can do for you.


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